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Active Networking, Passive Networking, Wireless and Collaboration Solutions hold the key to connectivity and productivity. And lead to Business Gorwth.

Switching & Routing

The backbone of any organization is its network and we are adept at designing, deploying and managing your networks well.


  • Scalable and Borderless network solutions for enterprises of all sizes

  • Connectivity solutions for seamless business experience

Wireless Solutions

Connectivity while on the go is critical and we can deploy the right wireless solutions that are scalable as well as secure.


  • Ensure mobility & security of people when connected to your infrastructure through Cloud-based Wireless solutions

  • WFH Wireless solutions for secured access

Collaboration Solutions

Whether it is internal team meetings, Board room meetings or Customer meetings, we can stitch voice and video solutions.


  • Ensure communication is seamless even while working from home or while not traveling

  • Board-room solutions for the modern Connected Enterprise

Passive Networking

We take up turnkey project and manage the setting up of your offices, whether HQ, Branch or Remote.


  • Connect locations using our assessment, survey and passive cabling capabilities

  • Ensure connectivity across all key communication points in a secure manner

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