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Professional Services​

We commit only what we can deliver! Our motto is that "Customer SLA is the most important and has to be upheld, no matter what!" Our team of technical resources have this in their DNA. Our team of resources are used by many Alliance partners and System Integrators for their requirements.


System Integration

We are capable of deploying complex IT Infrastructure. We can also Project Manager your deployments that are being done by someone else.


Backup Services

We are leaders in suggesting, architecting and deploying backup solutions on the Cloud. For both Servers & End-points.


Data Recovery Services

Data lost because of faulty storage? Data Encrypted by Ransomware? Data Formatted by mistake? We can help recover. 

Professional Services

Managed Services​

We manage complete Datacenters of Mid-market customers for over a decade. We specialize in this segment because we are proactive in our approach and can foresee majority of issues befire-hand.


Infrastructure Management

We utilize tools and methodologies that are proven for their efficacy.


Managed Backups

We work with specialized Backup Service Providers for solutions around Managed Backup.


Managed DR

Focus on Recovery has helped us to shine with alliance partners who are present over 3 decades. 

Managed Services

Maintenance Services​

Whether it is maintaining your Office infrastructure, Remote infrastructure or the infrastructure of WFH employees, we are adept at providing solutions on the go. 


Annual Maintenance

Managing the office infrastructure has become more complex with Hybrid workforce. We are good at reinventing.


Facilities Management Services

We are adept at managing your SLAs in terms of Infrastructure Uptime and Availability.


Specialized Services

Managing your SLAs and balancing between your various vendors is something you can leave upon us.

Maintenance Services
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